Game streaming
The future is…Streaming? Google wants us to believe they’ve created the future in gaming.  That future is their long rumored and long awaited gaming platform, Stadia. Unlike most gaming platforms, Stadia is completely cloud computing based. The goal of Stadia is to offer an alternative to console gaming. That alternative is intended to provide a better experience than high end gaming rigs for a fraction of the cost.
What do you get
Stadia, being cloud based, requires an internet connection to run.  While specs haven’t been released, it’s best to assume that the demands will be taxing on bandwidth. However, in exchange for the bandwidth that Stadia will use up, it promises a top notch gaming experience. Stadia promises to launch with support for 4K gaming at 60 frames per second. In comparison, 60 FPS at 4K is something that even the most powerful of graphics cards struggles with at times.
How to play

To gain access to Stadia, you’ll need either a computer, a television with a chromecast, or a mobile device. Stadia also requires a controller, Google has designed their own controller for the platform. If you want to use something like an Xbox controller or a Dualshock, that option is available as long as you’re not on a Chromecast.

Support For The System

The support Stadia has received is absolutely astounding. Unlike most new consoles or platforms, Stadia has support from major publishers like Ubisoft and developers like ID Software. Ubisoft has already partnered with Google to stream games like Assassin’s Creed. Now ID Software is bringing their newest title, Doom Eternal, to the platform. Potentially eating into console and PC sales of the game later this year.

Features of Stadia

Stadia’s featureset also looks extremely robust. Sharing is something that’s common in gaming today, but Stadia takes it to a new level. You can supposedly share entire portions of a game from the section you paused at to allow other people to experience exactly what you did. Machine learning technology allows new art styles to be integrated into games. Finally crowd play is a feature that’ll let a viewer go from watching a stream to physically playing the game themselves.

Stadia Specs and Future Questions

While we don’t know when Stadia will release we do have some information. We’ve been told that for 60 FPS gameplay at 1080P, you’ll need a 25 mbps connection and 30 mbps for 4K at 60 FPS. From what we’ve been told thus far, Stadia looks to be a fantastic addition to the gaming space. Potentially low latency gaming can compete with something like Playstation now, and steal gamers away from typical game purchase decisions. Why buy games that take up space on your hard drive or in your home when you could stream them and bear no responsibility for them? Stadia poses some exciting questions, we at Alpha Nerds Guild are looking forward to their answers.

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