If you’re like me you have been very curious as to when the ever mysterious Google Stadia was going to release. After months of silence, Google confirmed during its I/O Pixel 4 focused event, that the Stadia will be out in the form of the Founders Edition on November 19th. The Founders Edition comes with a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia remote, 3 months of the Stadia Pro service for you and a buddy. Stadia Pro gives you 4k, 60 fps streaming with HDR and 5.1 surround sound while the free tier is 1080p 60fps.

The Stadia Remote can connect to the Chromecast through a phone app but Bluetooth will be patched in later!

In a Video that released after the Pixel event it was unveiled that the Stadia remote will work wirelessly with the chromecast ultra but if you try to use your computer or Pixel phone you will need to connect the remote through usb-c because bluetooth is not available at launch. You also use your phone to pair the Stadia Remote to the chromecast through a Stadia App. In the small print of the video it also reveals that only certain HID compliant controllers can be connected via usb cable to stadia.
Lastly, with Stadia pro you get an occasional free game added to your library starting with Destiny 2: The Collection. I’m very curious to see if this becomes a service where once you cancel your subscription do you lose the games similarly to PS+ or keep them Like Xbox Live does backcompat titles. I Have my founders edition pre ordered so I guess ii will see how everything is upon release but what do you all think. Are you excited for the Stadia’s launch? Have you Preordered one to get first dibs on that name so you aren’t stuck with something like “Noobmaster69”? Will you even have the internet cap to stream in 4k?

I would check with your service provider before investing in a stadia. Data caps and slow connections are a very real nightmare that would hinder the idea of streaming.

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