A Continual Thank You

Veterans Day was yesterday but the gratitude and the savings don’t have to end just because the day has passed. Gamestop is under new leadership and as part of their initiative to revamp the store and revitalize sales, they’ve instituted a new policy for veterans. All year round anyone with a qualifying ID gets 10 percent off of Gamestop merchandise. New games and accessories, pre-owned games, hardware and accessories, and collectibles all fall under this discount and it’s available year-round.

How To Take Advantage

This is a great opportunity for Gamestop to serve those who served us and a great opportunity for those that served to save some money. The discount can’t be used with any new game consoles, digital currency like PSN cards or with other sales, discounts or clearance items, but it’s still a great way to keep some extra cash in your pocket. The policy has been instituted in all Gamestop stores nationwide and we here at ANG highly recommend that you take advantage of it. The offer is only in stores though, and you’ll need a military ID, DD214 or to authenticate your veteran status online to be able to take advantage of the promotion.

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