In Future Grind, a new racing themed puzzler from Milk Bag Games, you are an up and coming racer on the coveted circuit. Spin and jump to build your points multiplier and climb the leader boards. Will you uncover the forces at play? Will you be the best in the world?


You begin with a basic cycle, reminiscent of the light cycles from Tron, and must flip and jump your way through the course while riding the colored rails. Impress your sponsors, earn more points, to unlock more courses and more cycles. But, something is amiss, a much larger story unfolds as you progress through the racing circuit However, it is so underplayed and hidden in the scrolling dialog that even I missed a portion of it part way through my initial play through. A nefarious force is at play pulling unseen strings as you race to be the best.



Visually stunning, the colors and lights of your current cycle and the course itself really pop. Which is essential since as you progress your new cycles feature new “wheels” of different colors, and those wheels are only allowed to contact rails of the same color. Should you fail to match the colors successfully you will be greeted by a fiery bloom as you and your cycle cease to exist.


Online Play


So, with all that scoring and building up multipliers in each race what is it all for? Impress your sponsors, impress your friends! How do you rank up against your friends on the global leaderboard?  Unfortunatley, that’s all there is to competitive part of the game. Get on the leader board and see how far ahead, or below you are from your buddies.




Controls are very simple two buttons and one stick for controller. One thing I noticed about the controls while looking at the settings, there is an option for playing one handed, be it left or right handed when using a controller. Definitely something not widely seen, but very much appreciate the thought and detail that went into it, especially since we do represent a portion of the Veteran community and some members of the community are amputees. Many of which give up on gaming due to lack of accesibilty.


In all, Future Grind is a fun, fast paced, racing puzzler. One second you have a near death grip on the controller as you barely stick landing on the rail after pulling off a 720 back flip, and then you narrowly bump the wrong wheel on the rail and explode into a fiery ball of bitterness, all just to press that Y button again and restart the level. Get your thumbs warmed up for this one.

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