Alpha Nerds Guild

helping those who help others, one game at a time
To provide a means to deliver a gaming console to a veteran/leo/first responder that has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder related to their sacrifice for the American public.
The world health organization has made gamers a “mental condition”, we are not.  We are breaking stigmas that the media is bringing to us.
We are not like other organizations.  We are looking for solutions, not bandaids.  We can help bring family members back to each other to help one another! Gaming does this!
We are creating and solidifying across platforms.  We are family.  We are on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Network,  Steam,, and other other internet platforms.  We have many volunteers ready to help you or your Veteran/LEO/First Responder!


This is what we are all about!  Watch a message from the President of Alpha Nerds Guild:
What We Do:
Live Life.
We are a non-profit that makes certain that we are living life to the fullest!  We take gaming consoles and make sure they get to the veteran, LEO, or first responder in our community that needs it.
A family that games together… stays together.  Or something like that.  Games encourage people to be social with one another.  Platform gaming has made it possbile to put people that are like-minded to connect up with one another,  communicate with one another, and let people know that they are not alone.  We are working on helping Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responder’s community!
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