This is the end…or is it?

What happens now? That’s the question millions of Fortnite fans and casual content consumers around the world have been asking for the last couple days. Sunday night, Fortnite’s latest season came to an explosive end that quite literally saw the destruction of the universe. Nothing but a black hole could be seen no matter what you did. Some people questioned whether the game was over. Other people wondered what form the game would take next, and today we got our answer.

Turn The Page

Fortnite chapter 2 is the resurrection of Fortnite and from the looks of things, the game is better than ever. Fortnite players have a new map to explore and new game functionality. Combat in water and in vehicles has been revamped o be more viable. New tools to build with and a couple new weapons to play with, all while maintaining the same Fortnite feel. Let us know in the comments what you think of it after you’ve got some time in game.

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