In a world where so much can go wrong with our day to day lives finding inner peace can be so hard. This is especially true for those of us who serve and protect our country and the citizens of this great nation. From personal experience I would know how hard it is to find that inner peace. This is due to serving 7 years in the Army, and battling several other obstacles since getting out. Constantly I get asked how do you keep going with all that you have been through in life. One of the main things I learned was to live day to day and in that moment. The next biggest part to help find inner peace is to understand what you want from life. In the past five years of my life I have lost both my parents, and been through a really rough divorce. While undergoing the heartache and moving past that I started meditating and then I found this wonderful group of like minded individuals that I am speaking too here.

At this point you might be asking how did you find the inner peace with everything negative that was going on in your life. Well it all started when I took time to re-discover who I was as a person. I moved into my own place and spent one year focusing on finding me again, during that year meditation and church became really big parts in my life. Today I sit here writing this to say that at times we might hit rock bottom but through perseverance and self discovery all wounds will heal. For example one of my wounds is being mentally abused by my ex-wife and told I wasn’t good enough. This caused me at one point feel like I would never be good enough. That mindset was changed through diet and exercise and learning that I wasn’t the problem in that situation. Whatever you may be going through just know that you are good enough to accomplish whatever goals you might have, and never let anyone tell you that you can not achieve them. Through my self discovery and lifestyle changes I am down to 195 pounds from 450 pounds in a year and a half. All things can be achieved when you discover your own inner peace and self worth.

When the lights all fade do you know what your self worth is, and have you found that inner peace you are looking for. If you aren’t sure on that then go out there and grab life by the horns and discover yourself, because at the end of the day no money, partner, job, or other human can show you what you and they also can’t help you find inner peace.

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