I enjoy builder style games ever since I first saw Master of Magic as a kid.  Ever since then I have played quite a few iterations and they’re all fairly similar with variations here and there which keep them interesting for me.  Most of them are based in either past or present, and there’s a mix of magic and technology in each kind. While I don’t claim to have seen or played them all, there aren’t any that I’ve played which were futuristic like Triton Survival.

That was the first part of what drew me into the game. Off the bat you have a few challenges to address, but nothing that can’t be figured out pretty quickly and some of the tools are really fun to use.  You’re in an exosuit that protects you from most elements and has a shield.  You need food, water, and oxygen to survive and all of it is available if you figure out how to get it or make it.  Everything you need you can make.


The premise is pretty simple, save Earth by shutting down enemy portals on other planets.  To do this you have to defend your own portal by finding raw materials and creating various tools to build, defend, and attack. Every so often there’s a wave of enemy bugs that come at your portal just to add some spice. They don’t destroy your portal so much as drain it of energy, which you need more of to be able to travel to other planets.  I was surprised to see so many different planets already, and that was even more exciting!

The ideas in the game are straight forward but it will take you some time and work to get everything working. You gain levels which allow you to improve several different types of stats and open up benefits to choose from as well.  It presents an enticing set of choices, though leveling up isn’t all that difficult. The sheer amount of resources you have to collect, which give you experience as well, will have you quickly on your way.


Still in it’s early stages there are a few issues here and there. The graphics are fairly low end, nothing mind blowing or special. I’ve lost a few items attempting to use them as the game requires and I’ve also gotten through some of the landscape and couldn’t return to my portal. It was fun exploring despite that and it was what I wanted to see anyway. Even so, they are more than sufficient to provide immersion and really good visuals.  It also showed that there was plenty of room for expansion should the developers ever choose to do so.


Despite the few bugs that are currently there it’s an entertaining game.  Resources respawn regularly and once you’ve built a few pieces of technology the resources really come pouring in.  Until then, you’ll need a lot of carbon. No really, get more carbon.



I look forward to the updates and improvements that the future holds for this game. Even now it is fun to play and that bodes well for the future updates. It’s just fun to play and it’s got some neat stuff in it.  I can hardly wait to see what they come up with in the future. It’s definitely a great start to a fun game and I hope they make more in the future. I’ll be playing it again and again.

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