Fan Expo Dallas (FED) 2019 has come and gone, but the memory remains. When I first came to Dallas, back in 2015, I immediately investigated the convention scene. Coming from Sacramento, California, I was expecting to be disappointed as the venues in NorCal were always family friendly and I thought nothing could ever compare. I was so glad to be proven wrong. Not only were there conventions, there was a HUGE convention!

FED has quickly become my favorite time of year. It’s a time I can geek out with friends, enjoy all things on the spectrum that is pop culture, and get to unwind all while basking in the glory of various fandoms. Fandoms from Supernatural to Steven Universe, and The Karate Kid to The Avengers. In some cases, a mix of multiple fandoms even. It’s a celebration of everything I enjoy, which is one of the (but not the only) reasons I look forward to it.

FED does this for EVERYONE. The buzz leading up to the convention is tangible on the web. From Facebook to Instagram, people from all over the world are talking about it. Cosplayers are talking about the “Con-Crunch”, where they are getting ready to unveil a new costume, actresses and actors are talking about the fun they are going to have interacting with the fans, and even tv shows and movies are hyping panels that will be at the convention. It’s a world-wide event, with a world-wide audience, and it always delivers.

Speaking of delivering, the exhibitors that show up to the convention always have something special in store for their Dallas fans. I’ve never went to a Fan Expo where there weren’t, AT LEAST, twenty exclusives. This last one was no different. The Fan Expo Dallas Store is still lousy with a few of their show exclusives left on the site and all are incredibly affordable. Other exhibitors that showed up to FED 2019 also brought great deals with their exclusives. Ubisoft was there with showing off a ton of merchandise to include statues, figures, and wearables. Funimation sent the convention floor into a frenzy with their exclusive Tokyo Ghoul chrome Ken Kaneki POP! vinyl figure, as well as their ginormous silver All Might POP! that fans were able to take pictures with. There was something for everyone.

Even if you just wanted to go to the convention to hang out with friends and see new and upcoming merchandise, the exhibitors were there for you. Chronicle Collectibles showed up in a HUGE way, showing off collectibles of Jurassic Park, RoboCop, Hellboy, and the internet’s favorite animal…cats…playing the parts of characters from Star Trek. Their booth was an incredible show of talent. But, the talent didn’t stop there. Lexi and Devon of The Chalk Twins showed up and blew away convention-goers with their mind-blowing talent. These women really put it into perspective how long an amazing piece takes to put together. I had to do a double take on a few of the pieces because of the level of detail.

Continuing on with a show of talent, DC Comics came to FED with a multitude of it on-hand. In true DC fashion, there were a ton of signings from new and old artists/writers alike. Continuing the Year of the Bat, DC brought Frank Tieri, Clay Mann, James Tynion IV, Patrick Gleason, Doug Mahnke, and Peter J. Thomasi to Dallas. Talent in troves! Danielle Page ( author of Mera: Tidebreaker) and Lauren Myracle (author of Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale) were also featured and even handed out previews of the books. Along with the talent they brought, DC Comics also brought posters and comics to entice fans to check out a few titles they may not have tried before.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. Action figures and statues were featured heavily at the Blue Fin store. The amount of properties they provide for and have available on hand is mind-boggling. They have everything from Power Rangers to Godzilla, Gundam to Star Wars, and Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat. It seemed that they had something for every fan of the show.

The most important thing that this convention showcases though, is its fans. This convention is very understanding that fans of pop culture have a certain tendency to follow products and news about the media they love (be it shows, games, movies, comics, or music) and they show that understanding by bringing it all to them for a great price, and in a great setting. It doesn’t matter if you show up with your family, a few friends, or even by yourself. You’ll feel a sense of belonging when walking the red carpet of the convention, among other fans. With something for everyone, I will continue to look forward to this convention for years to come.

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