Another survival game to add to the growing list of survival games. Fade to Silence tries hard to set itself aside from the pack. While a traditionally dificult genre of game to design for. Adding some fresh features and mechanics to this genre has helped breathe new life into survival games. But, not much and in a market that is already experiencing massive oversatuartion. While adding some much needed “Hmmm, that’s cool” appeal, it seems to wear off quickly.



Awakening in yet another post-apocalyptic wasteland, again, you must fight to survive off the land. Battling not only the Lovecraftian monsters of the world but also the world itself. Starting off with an almost demonic voice in your head runnning you through the tutorial. You emerge to find a world as cold and bleak as anywhere Beyond the Wall.


Not much different from any other survival game with the only notable change being an almost Dark Souls style “Die repeatedly to get better” feel. A mechanic that would have been nice to have had mentioned before you get killed off the first time. But the boons are an incredible benefit, and the only way to allocate them is to die.


Superb grapchics, but the ever constant white of the environment tends to begin to get rather old rather quickly. The use of Inner Vision, the mechanic that enables easier spotting/identifying of useable resources, harvestables, and threats really pops when utilized.


Typical movement layout WASD, Ctrl crouch, Shift sprint, but with jump being mapped to F and SPACEBAR being roll/dodge would regularly find myself rolling into a barrier that I wanted to jump onto or over. Have yet to figure out a decent, reliable remap of those. Leaving one to assume that they were designed with a controller in mind.


Excellent sound design, from the howling of the wind, crunching of the snow under foot as you trudge along towards survival are superb. The etherial Inner Voice’s relentless taunting is an outstanding addition and tends to stick with you as well as being it’s own motovation to figure something out.


While a good game, the sea of countless survival and survival/horror games can make this one easily looked over or missed entirely. If a lover of the genre then definitley worth a look. If not, maybe when on Steam sale. 3/5

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