Drinking Quest was a game I had never heard of before going to PAX East. When the email came through to try it out, I figured why not? The title was interesting and the artwork looked good. So I went to the booth at PAX, and the designer of the game, Jason Anarchy, was kind enough to give me a copy. I am glad I stopped by his booth, because this game is a lot of fun with friends!

Assembling Your Drinking… errr… Questing Party

The first thing you do in Drinking Quest is choose your hero. Each Hero has their own Player and Sugnature Drink cards. These hero cards are premade and function in a similar way to a D&D character does in that you have HP, Defense, Attack, and Saving Throws. The Saving Throws offer a little glimpse into the humor in Drinking Quest. Rather than use the standard Willpower, Reflex and Fortitude throws, Drinking Quest uses Smarts, Tolerance, and Sexual Prowess. These are fitting since they often come into play when one is drinking. I played as Chuglox, because I felt like I could relate to him. The other characters boozey awesomeness is on par with the two I show here, so there is plenty of variety for mutiple play throughs. The Signature Drink cards are unique to each bar room hero and are used to either help you out or to influence other players.

Booze Filled Brawling and Shenanigans

Drinking Quest plays relatively simple, which is good because no one likes a hard game after a few wobbly pops. A game consits of four Quests that take you from being aboard a ship to landing on an island and stumbling your way through it. Each of the four Quests is broken into Monster and Event cards. If you draw a monster card, you have to fight it. If you win, you keep playing but if you lose, you are out until the next voyage. The Event cards require a saving throw. Depending on how you do on the saving throw, you will either get a buff or a penalty. Of course they all have references of drinking booze and it’s side effects. Like the player cards, the writing on these cards is humorous and where Drinking Quest shines.


You Should Make a Spot for Drinking Quest in Your Game Night Rotation

The easy gameplay and funny writing make Drinking Quest a lot of fun. Honestly, it’s fun even if you aren’t drinking because it’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of time to set up. If you are looking for an experience like D&D but don’t have the time to develop a character idea or play for hours on end?Then give Drinking Quest a try. If you have a group of friends you game with on a regular basis, I recommend picking up Drinking Quest. You can find it here: http://www.drinkingquest.com/. For quick set up, witty writing, and fun gameplay, I give Drinking Quest a 4/5. Bottoms Up!


Please drink responsibly
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