If you’ve ever thought of becoming a game creator but couldn’t fathom where to even begin and gave up before you can even start. Stop reading here, Dreams is for you. But for everyone else Dreams is essentially a fever dream in game creation disguised as a game. Created over a period of 9 years Media Molecule, famous for creating LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. Media Molecule takes the Play,Create,Share idea from LittleBigPlanet to an entirely new level. Dreams showcases that the only thing that limits you is your creativity and even then they provide ways around that. 


There isn’t much story to really focus on here the game starts with an introduction to get you acclimated to the controls then drops you in a home space. From the home space you can either choose to go Dream Surfing or Dream shaping. Dream shaping lets you create your own level, art or music. There are tutorials to ease you into everything and then you can invite others into remixing what you have created and ever do it for others. Dream Surfing lets you play others’ creations. I spent most of my time here because my creativity is lacking at times. Even after only a couple of days i can see this feature being the mainstay there are so many great creations that i can’t even describe. 

Media Molecule even included their own game within a game titled Art’s Dream. In Art’s dream you play as Art a jazz musician who on the eve of his bands big break decides to breakaway and sulk. At a emotional rock bottom the Imps you use for everything in Dreams come and pull Art through a journey in his mind to inspire him to make amends and defeat the doubts in his mind. This story line lasts about an hour and a half to two hours depending on how well you do with platforming. While I initially wrote this off as just a look at what you can make in Dreams section by the end, I wanted to dive into the Dream Shaping mode and create to my heart’s desire

Game play:

Depending on the Dream game play can change minute to minute overall everything I’ve played from other Dreamers is fast and responsive but a bit floaty. I’m sure in time this will be remedied but it’s something to keep in mind when mapping controls for your game if you get into Dream Shaping. 

In Art’s Dream there are three game play variations that interchange until they all meet for the conclusion. As Art you go through a point a click style journey you pick up things and look for clues to environmental puzzles. You even have a dialog tree when engaging with secondary characters. You also have some missions where you play as the Astro-bot like robot friend D-Bug and Ele-D. These missions function as a puzzle platformer where you where you have to deliver battery cores to even bigger robots. Finally there are is the combat platformer missions where you play as the stuffed animals Foxy and Francis. On a journey to rescue a childhood toy dragon of Art’s called Lancewing


There are dozen of instruments you can use to make sounds in Dreams. It’s literally takes a button press to add something you create or choose to remix into your dreams. You can also use your headset microphone to record voice work for your Dreams creations. You can also have others send audio files for you to import, making collaboration super simple.

In Conclusion:

Dreams is a Masterpiece in both technical and creative aspects. At its price point all the tools you’re getting is a ridiculous value. But then you’re also getting a social network filled with others creations, and even games made from Media Molecule. So if you ever Dreamed of being a game developer and have a PlayStation, you owe it to yourself to try out Dreams. If you enjoyed the created levels in LittleBigPlanet and want to see the next evolution of the Mm community you owe it to yourself to play Dreams. Dreams is available on PS4 for $39.99 5/5

Authors Note:

When i was looking for levels to feature in my coverage for this review it felt disrespectful to showcase someone’s work with just a little blurb nor acknowledging everyone who might have contributed to the creation. So instead I’m going to include a link to Media Molecules 1st ever Impy awards. The Impy’s were Media Molecules way of giving back to the community of Dreamers that bought the early access edition and created wonderful works. Please enjoy the very first award show made in Dreams! For More information about Dreams and all the other Nerdy things you care about stick around to Alpha Nerds Guild!

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