With less than one month till Disney launches its streaming service, Disney+, many are wondering just how much of the Disney library will be accessible on dayc1. The public already knows the list of original Marvel and Star Wars shows that will be coming. Recently, the news that 30 seasons of The Simpsons will also be available was released. But thanks to twitter user Stitch Kingdom and Attraction Magazine, subscribers can now see what shows and movies are available on Launch day.


It should be noted that depending on your country, some movies and shows may or may not be shown. Also, the list only includes shows and movies that are not original. This information was obtained because Disney is currently testing in the Netherlands. A list can be seen here at the Attraction Magazine’s website.

It looks as though Disney is putting out a vast library. From Walt’s first animation piece as Steamboat Willy to Marvels climatic Avengers Endgame. There’s also tv series that will make parents sing out loud with Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers to educating toddlers from the Disney Jr. library. Disney also showed that it’s willing to use the accusation of Fox with all 30 seasons of The Simpsons and the 90’s animated epic series of the X-men. But it should be noted what’s missing too.

Surprisingly both MCU Spider-Man films are missing. Along with all the X-men films. There are also some Disney films that it seems Disney wants to forget, namely Song of The South. It should also be pointed out that it seems that Disney is making this a family-friendly service, as no film is rated above PG-13 or TV series as TV MA. Which makes the future of Deadpool very questionable along with continuing any of the Netflix Marvel series. 

Also on the Marvel note, while a majority of the shows are there, there are a few missing. Like the Anime styled shows of The X-men, Blade, Wolverineand Iron ManOr the special Punisher and Black Widow. But it is nice to see that Wolverine and The X-Men coming back and hopes for a second season in the future. 

Personally, there’s a good enough library here that’s not even covering all the original content coming down the road that they got my money. What shows and movies are you looking forward to? Have you started making a cue?

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