Eyes up, Guardian!

The next chapter in the story of Destiny has begun to be told. The title of that chapter is Shadowkeep, and it’s a story of independence, freedom, and choice. Bungie, the studio behind both the Halo and Destiny franchises recently split with Activision. Their publishing agreement comes to an end the end of the current season of Destiny Content. The end of their deal meant that Bungie had two routes, one, publishing their own content, or two, finding another publisher. Bungie chose the former. Choosing independence instead of yet again signing a contract and handing control of creative decision making to outside influences. Today they showed the results of their planning and hard work since their release from their contract.

New Beginnings

The immediate future of Destiny lies in the darkness. With Season of Opulence launching this past Tuesday and people have already completed the raid and a decent amount of the expansion’s content, people are looking to the future. That future was unveiled Thursday morning as Bungie showed the first trailer and gameplay for Shadowkeep. Letting the world know that Guardians would be returning to the moon A new base has been built there by the evil lurking below its surface and it’s our job as Guardians to snuff out the moon’s evil inhabitants. Shadowkeep will launch with a focus on both PVP and PVE. New PvE content will include raids, story missions, new weapons, and lore. In addition, PVP players will have new gear to chase and new ways to chase it and get new abilities for that gear.

We’re Listening

From the way the announcement sounded, it genuinely seems as if Bungie has been listening to community feedback. Moreover, it sounds like Bungie decided to produce exactly the kind of game the community has been asking for. Instead of giving less, Bungie is giving more. Instead of being stingy, Bungie is being plentiful with the creation of their content. Similarly, this ties into their new method of delivering content. Bungie will be releasing new content season by season, allowing Guardians to buy in at their own pace, instead of being forced to buy all of it at once. In addition, they’re also lowering the cost of investment. Destiny 2 with all its content released thus far will be bundled together for 40 dollars. However, Shadowkeep will launch with two pricing models. A 35 dollars standard edition and a 60 dollar deluxe edition. The standard edition will give you 6 months worth of content, the deluxe edition will give you a full year’s worth of content.

A New Light

Just when you think they’re done, you find out they aren’t. Bungie announced a free to play version of the base game of Destiny 2, starting with the first mission from Destiny 2. This allows people that have never experienced the game to get in on the action and find out what millions of Guardians from around the world have been enjoying for so long.

Destiny New Light

Crossing Over

Finally, the team at Bungie announced that cross saves will be coming to all platforms. For the first time, you’ll be able to switch your characters around from platform to platform. If you play on PS4, you’ll be able to play on PC. If you play on PC, you’ll be able to play on Xbox. There are no limits to what Guardians will be able to accomplish now. Finally, instead of being segregated by platform, we’ll all be able to fight the darkness, together.

The Future….

The future of Destiny and its Guardians is looking bright. New maps, new modes, new content, new guns, new gear, new ways to play. Bungie is focusing on improving the Destiny experience and making it into something that everyone can enjoy. Gone are the days where Destiny was just something for specialists and hardcore players. There will always be something available for the dedicated. However, with these new changes, you don’t have to put a thousand hours into the game to get the most out of it. Furthermore, this is the best thing that could have happened to Destiny, and I for one as a man that has been a Guardian since September 9th, 2014, can’t wait to see what happens. Eyes up, Guardians, the future is bright, and our ability to fight the Darkness has never been stronger.

Video Detailing The Future

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