Halloween is right around the corner. And what better way to get into the mood than with one of the most popular Horror games out there Dead by Daylight. This 4v1 survival/horror lets players act as either the Killer or one of the many survivors trying to escape. In order for the survivors to win they have to repair 5 generators, then escape through an exit. Meanwhile, the Killer is trying to hunt them then sacrifice them to the entity.


The game is apart of the live service model. The game’s developer, Behaviour Interactive, has created a road map where they’ve established various chapters per year. With each chapter contains a new killer, a new survivor, or both. Past chapters saw the release of unique original killers like a corrupted priestess, a killer clown (not from outer space), and a Japanese Spirit. But the game has also acquired the rights to iconic Killers like Freddy Kruger, Ghost Face, and Leatherface. But it’s not just killers that fans may know.


Bill from the Left for Dead series now takes on something other than zombies. Or for those fans of Halloween you can play as Laurie Strode and survive against Michael Myers. If you’re feeling groovy then you can play as Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise. For information on that you can check out a previous article published on Alpha Nerds Guild.


But on September 17 the last chapter for 2019 was published. The chapter saw the release of a new killer, 2 survivors, and a new map. The theme for this chapter is from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

The Killer

Players can now become the creature that has plagued the series, the Demogorgon. Its terrifying appearance can now hunt survivors for the entity. While having razor-sharp claws makes it a terrifying predator, its ability to create portals on a flat ground makes it the monster of your nightmares.


The Demogorgon comes with three perks to assist in its victory. Surge makes it so that when you down a survivor, generators nearby will explode and regress in their repairs. Cruel Limits has it so when survivors fix a generator they are unable to vault for a short time. Mindbreaker tires out survivors and gives them a status effect.

The Map

The hunting ground for the Demogorgon is the Hawkins National Laboratory’s Underground Complex. Travel back to 1984 and to Hawkins, Indiana. This map is one of a few purely indoor maps looking straight out of seasons 2 (RIP Bob Newby) battle between the humans and the creatures of the Upside Down. The dark dreary atmosphere will make survivors feel as though they are being hunted by a monster, not just a killer.

The Survivor

Players can play as two characters from the hit series. And no it’s not 11 or Sheriff Hopper. The first is Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s older sister. She brings three new perks to ensure the survivors escape and gain victory. The first is Better Together while repairing generators other players can see the outline of the said generator when nearby. Also, this perk allows Nancy to see the killer’s and survivor’s aura if the Killer downs a survivor while Nancy is working on a generator. Fixated allows Nancy to see her tracks at all times, and when her health is full she can walk faster. Lastly is Inner Strength, after cleansing a Totem Nancy can self heal when entering a locker.


The other survivor is the unlikely mentor and leader Steve Harrington. Just like with Nancy, Steve brings three new perks to the game. Babysitter kicks it all off with the ability that makes so when he saves a survivor from a hook, that survivor leaves behind no blood trail or scratch marks as they escape. The slight trade-off of this perk is that Steve and the Killer can see each other’s aura. Camaraderie makes life on the hook more enduring. This perk makes it so when a fellow survivor comes into range while Steve is struggling on the hook, the struggle phase timer pauses briefly. Lastly is Second Wind which is activated after healing another survivor. This allows Steve to self-heal after being unhooked.

This latest chapter creates more meta mechanics to the game for both the Survivors and the Killers. The Stranger Things Chapter cost $11.99 on Steam and the PS4 store. At the time of writing, neither Xbox nor the Nintendo Switch has this DLC available for purchase. If this seems too much, just wishlist it as the game and its addons are always cycling on being on sale.       

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