May 26, 2020 marked the 4 year anniversary for the popular video game Dead by Daylight. The 4v1 horror survival game developed by Behaviour Interactive has grown greatly over four years. This has ranged from new characters to the spread across all platforms and fostering a global community of players and fans. Behavior spent this anniversary with a live stream to layout the 2020 road map.


The live stream was hosted by Game Director Mathieu Cote and he partnered with various members of behavior to cover various topics for their roadmap. They went over the technical evolution they have planned. They announced the goal of cross-platform play should be released by the end of the calendar year. They also announced and revealed various graphic updates they have planned to keep Dead by Daylight as gamers progress into the next generation. 


Then they shifted gears to thank and recognize the community. They displayed various artworks, cosplays, and game captures. They also announced a new partner program called Fog Whispers. They are highlighted as being content creators over influencers. The Fog Whispers receive in-game currency to get new cosmetics, codes, and even reveal content to the community. The way to be recognized as a Fog Whisper is to create content and shared it with #intothefog. Then they showed their mobile adaptation for the game. Here they highlighted the user interface adjustments they made to port the game. They showcased how bots filled in whenever players were dropped and announced that by the end of the year the mobile game should be available in all regions globally.


Then finally came the moment everyone was waiting for the next chapter content. Would it be original or an icon from a classic franchise? Well fans got the answer when Cote announced that they would be adding a staple of the horror genre. In the past all the additions of killers like Freddy Kruger and Ghostface as well as a chapter that was adapted from Stranger Things. But now Dead by Daylight is taking their first attempt of adapting a classic horror game. Dead by Daylight is introducing Silent Hill to the game. This new chapter will see the addition of a new map, Midwich Elementary School, a new survivor, Cheryl Mason, and the new killer, The Executioner aka Pyramid Head. Currently the Silent Hill is available on the player test servers and should be available within the next 3 weeks across all platforms.  

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