Welcome Back To The Apocalypse

The apocalypse is here, and this time, Mad Max isn’t involved. Darksiders has always been about showing what the world would look like after the apocalypse. While also putting you in the shoes of a death-dealing, demon destroying machine. Its latest entry, Darksiders Genisis is no different.

A New Horseman

In the first Darksiders, you play as War.  Darksiders 2 has you playing as Death, War’s brother. Darksiders 3 has you embody Fury. In Genisis, you play as Strife, a thus-far unseen horseman of the apocalypse in a new kind of adventure. Instead of a third person action adventure game, Genisis is an isometric action adventure in the style of Diablo and Path of Exile. However while Genisis bears similarities to the Diablo franchise in terms of camera angle, it’s a game all its own in terms of gameplay. Genesis retains its signature combat, traversal and puzzle mechanics that are reminiscent of Zelda and God of War. Take a look at the trailer and let us know in the comments if you’ll be stepping into the shoes of the latest horseman of the apocalypse.

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