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[Closed] Read This Before Posting!  


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16/07/2018 9:16 pm  

First and foremost this is a TRIAL RUN! That means it can disappear quickly if rules are not followed.


  1. No Firearms, Pyramid BS (It Works, Scentsy, ETC), Vehicles, or anything NOT Nerdy related.
  2. ANG is not responsible for any thing regarding transactions made by our members.
  3. While you may make contact with a buyer/seller here, all transactions must be made "behind closed doors."
  4. Any issues such as: Broken product, inoperable products, or anything that may not be as advertised will not be taken through ANG. 
  5. You must put include "ANG Rules" in your post somewhere to show that you've read this.
  6. No "Taking Bids", "Trying to see what I can get for this", or "Thinking about selling" type posts.
  7. Rules are subject to change without notice.

    By posting here you are acknowledging that ANG is not responsible for issues that may arise between "Buyer" and "Seller." You are also acknowledging that you have read the rules. 


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