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How do I resolve HP printer not printing issue?  


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24/08/2020 10:30 am  

I have purchased HP printer for my printing tasks. HP printer is a top-rated brand, which is benefiting millions of users on a regular basis. It has many unique and advanced features, hence all HP printer users can complete their printing tasks completely. From the last month, my HP printer is not printing correctly. I don’t have ideas about HP printer not printing problem. Really, it is a challenging job for me, so I look for expert’s guidance for solving this error. I have also taken instant support from www.support.hp.com, but nothing is very helpful. So anyone can recommend the smart ways to solve HP printer not printing problem.

Roshawn Rochester
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29/09/2020 9:45 am  

I just happened upon this post. Which printer do you have and what are the symptoms? Is their anyway you can print a configuration file using the menu on the printer?