Sheeps ‘R’ Us


By now it’s quite apparent that the Nintendo Switch is the console for Indie games. Some have been developed specifically for the small console, while many have been ported to it. This means you have a large selection to choose from, which is great. But, that also makes it tough to know which ones are worth your time and money.

A recent addition to the ever-expanding selection of Indie games on the Switch is the pet simulation game Clouds & Sheep 2. Developed and published by HandyGames, C & S 2 is the highly anticipated sequal to the 2011 game Clouds & Sheep.

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is its cuteness. The cartoon-like style, the quirky sound effects and the simple gameplay make it a perfect game for younger kids. This doesn’t mean adults won’t like it. In fact, it’s actually a fun time-waster with a lot of humorous activities even for adults.

C&S2 Flying Sheep



In Clouds & Sheep 2 you are tasked with taking care of a farm for sheep. You start off with just one sheep, who is also your guide, and you try to fill your farm by producing more sheep. While you want to get as many sheep as possible, you still have to make sure the ones you already have stay safe and happy.

At first, keeping your sheep happy is pretty simple, but as you get more and more sheep it can become pretty hectic trying to multitask good enough to keep them all alive.

The activities you need to do to get your sheep to reproduce and stay happy are pretty fun. The sheep actually want you to throw them in the air, or pull on their tales to make them go rolling across the screen, and it makes me laugh every time. To get them to reproduce they need to be happy, and then you make two of them eat from the same patch of food which makes them create a heart shaped balloon that you combine with a cloud. Once you do that the cloud becomes a cute, fluffy little sheep that you are now responsible for.

C&S2 Winter 


The controls for Clouds & Sheep 2 are simple, mostly just point and click when using a controller. And, although the pro-controller works great, the game is really made for the touch screen.


The music in Clouds & Sheep 2 fits well, with a cheery sound that makes the goofy gameplay even more enjoyable. Even though the music is fairly repetitive it doesn’t become annoying, even after playing for a while. While the music is mostly just some background noise, the sound effects are one of the best parts of the game. This is mostly due to the fact that it seems to be recordings of real people making up noises to go along with certain activities. So when you throw one of the sheep into the air the sound coming from it just adds to the overall hilarity.


Being a portable pet simulation game Clouds & Sheep 2 certainly doesn’t do anything ground-breaking when it comes to graphics. But it still works for it. The bright colors and simple cartoon style are part of what make the game almost too cute.

C&S2 Summer


Although Clouds & Sheep 2 isn’t for everybody, it certainly has a lot to offer for the right people. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly game that can make anyone laugh out loud, or you just want something simple and cute to play on your Switch, C & S 2 is a great option.


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