Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Issues 1-4


She isn’t your friendly 90’s teenage witch anymore. This Friday on October 26th, the new Netflix Original series: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiers. The story is based off of the Archie Horror comic series, which I was eager to read after watching the first released trailer. The comics did not disappoint! I will also go to say if you are a fan of the CW’s Riverdale, Sabrina is something definitely worth checking out because their comic series have the same writer, Roberto-Aguirre Sacasa. In Riverdale, they often speak about their neighboring town of Greendale and their rivals the Baxter High Ravens. Take a wild guess as to where our Sabrina lives and goes to high school? But that’s all I’m going to say about that for now. If you would, keep reading and I’m going to give you a synopsis of each issue without giving too much away but beware that something might get spoiled for you, but I will try my best not to do that. However, first let me clear up an issue that from what I have seen and read the majority of fans are all up in arms about: Does Salem talk?

First, the answer is yes! Salem DOES talk in the comics. Secondly, Netflix just released a teaser trailer showing us that our new Netflix version of Salem will talk as well. So, if you’ve been upset and griping that you aren’t going to watch unless Salem talks, have no fear.

You can watch our Salem teaser here.

Chapter One: Something Wicked

In our first issue we read details about Sabrina’s birth and who her parents are, and get a few more snippets of her childhood like how Salem came to be part of her life. You will also learn a little bit about the Academy of the Unseen and be introduced to Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose who comes to live with them from the Old Country. Obviously, we will get to see Harvey Kinkle, Rosalind, and a few more characters that you’re going to recognize if you have already watched a certain show or read the comics.

Chapter Two: The Secret History of Madam Satan

Continuing from the first chapter, the second issue gives you the background story of an important character just like the title suggests. You’ll learn about her story and her motivations. This is pretty much a given but the details are an awesome story but I won’t spoil anything.

Chapter Three: The Unholy Baptism

I’ve already said that this Sabrina isn’t your friendly 90s sitcom anymore. Therefore, this Sabrina is seriously dark and all about the Dark Lord aka: Satan. On Sabrina’s 16th birthday she is to choose the Path of Night or Path of Light and undergo her unholy baptism. In this issue Sabrina meets a new teacher at school and is coached by her aunts, cousin, and familiar on the rules and procedures of this important event.

Chapter Four: Harvey Horrors

This issue gives us some background about Harvey and the relationship between Harvey and Sabrina. This issue will rock your world and unfortunately, that’s all I can say about it without giving too much away.

If you’ve been looking for a good witch series to read, this is it! My next article will cover Issues 5-8, and if you decide to start reading this series before the show debut, let me know! The kindle versions are only .99 if you don’t have time to find them in store or wait on an order. Happy reading!

Watch the official trailer here.

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