Rip and Tear

Doom Eternal is a game we’ve been waiting three years for. The 2016 release revitalized shooters in a way they haven’t been since 2007’s Call of Duty. Shooters have been a largely take cover, pop out, take a couple of shots and get back into cover style of game. Doom turned that entire system of gameplay on its head with a focus on movement and forward progression. As an end result, shooters haven’t been the same since. However Doom Eternal intends to take that formula and turn it up to eleven.

Showcasing new environments, new weapons, new enemy types, new abilities, new ways to kill, and so much more. Doom Eternal looks like the complete and total evolution of the Doom franchise and it looks like a dream come true for all fans of the FPS genre. Doom Eternal will be released November 22nd.

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