Activision Blizzard has announced a new esports league for viewers and players. With the Overwatch League season finished Activision Blizzard has announced the launch of the Call of Duty World League. Along with the date they announced the teams, platform, structure, and more.


Starting off the announcement is that the league will launch in 2020. Af of time writing there is no hard date for the matches. The matches will be broadcast different from the Overwatch League. Typically the Overwatch League is broadcasted from the arena in California. Though this past season saw the traveling games at a few home teams. The Call of Duty World League will travel from city to city.


This leads to the next question. Where are the teams going to based out of? Currently, the first season will see the appearance of 12 teams from North America and Europe. Thanks to a little bit of digging by Esports Insider editor Adam Fitch we also have what the team names might be. Starting with the two teams from Los Angeles there’s OpTic LA and the Guerrillas. Then there’s the Seattle Surge. The only team from Canada is the Toronto Ultra. In Minnesota is the Rokkr. The windy city of Chicago is home to the Huntsmen. New York is set to be the base of operations for the Subliners. Moving down south to Atlanta fans can find the FaZe. The sunshine state will host the Mutineers. The great state of Texas will be the foundation for the Dallas Empire. Crossing the pond for the last teams are the London Royal Ravens and the Paris Legion. Currently, the team names are pure speculation, but some teams already complete in the Pro League.


The Call of Duty World League will also differ from the Overwatch League based on the platform the games are played. The Overwatch League is played on PC, but the Call of Duty World League is set to be played on the PlayStation 4.  The matches will be 5-v-5 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer. The latest Call of Duty is set to drop on October 25. The teams will be playing for a prize pool valued at over $6 million.


So are you excited for the Call of Duty World League to air? Do you have a team you’re looking forward to? Then let us know.

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