Redacre – Urged on by what the local youth are calling “The Shape”, Cultists continue to report on the sins committed by the children in Redacre. These adults continue to roam the streets at night, blindly stumbling around in the hopes to catch their teenage children out past their bed times.

Be quiet or draw the attention of “The Sleepers”

From their hideout in old boxcars at the tracks, the local kids have reported that some sleep walking adults are digging underground tunnels. These “Sleepers” have created an extensive network the kids ominously refer to as “The Maze”. For now, “The Maze” has only been confirmed in the Hoadley neighborhood. However, they suspect the tunnels extend to all parts of the town.

The extent of the cultists territory is unknown at this time.

Confirmed areas of Cultist Activities

The youths report that they have to sneak around to gather supplies. These supplies are used to disable traps and gather intel on the cultist movements. The cult has reportedly been using drones to watch over the streets and back yards. The kids said they have been successful avoiding the somewhat predictable drone patters by using open windows to enter houses to stay off the streets. In addition, the kids state that they find success avoiding cultists without masks by staying low and hiding in shadows. The children refer to these particular villains “The Lucid”. They have been given this moniker because unlike “The Sleepers”, they are awake and alert. Avoid “The Lucid” by all means necessary!

The kids tell us that they will continue to hang up propaganda exposing the cultist activities. These smart teenagers have procured a wide variety of tools in their patrols. The stun guns are their preferred method of subduing the villainous adults. Some of the teens excel in wresting the adults to the ground to incapacitate the adults. A few enterprising children have even modified drones to distract their would be attackers. Safety in numbers is what the children say is the key to success.

We will report back with updates as the situation progresses. Updates remain spotty as there is no cell service or internet access in Redacre at this time. In the meantime, you can experience The Blackout Club yourself firsthand on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Based on what the children have told us, The Blackout Club is 4.5/5!

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