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It’s time to go back to Pandora, Vault Hunters. After 7 years of waiting, the sequel to Borderlands 2 has finally been announced. PAX is home to game reveals, gameplay demos and amazing memories and this year didn’t disappoint. Gamers have been waiting since 2017 to see what Borderlands 3 would turn into after a GDC tech demo showcased the world of Pandora. The trailer on display today showed that development time hasn’t gone to waste.

The trailer wastes no time painting Pandora as a world that’s changed and stayed the same all at once. The opening visual shows a mask with glowing eyes and cuts to the new villains that Vault Hunters will be fighting. As the trailer continues it goes on to show how Pandora has changed in terms of terrain and environmet. It also shows how things have stayed the same by bringing back fan favorite characters from Borderlands 1 and 2 while also introducing new heroes to the mix. The trailer showcases a claimed 1 billion guns that can be obtained through gameplay. A mix of new weapon types and enemy types, including one very, very gigantic dinosaur, and the typical Borderlands humor. It looks like our return visit to Pandora will be a memorable one, Vault Hunters.
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