Star Trek Bridge Crew is exactly what the name says. You play as the bridge of the U.S.S. Aegis in the reboot (Kelvin TImeline) series. In this thrilling simulator, you can play as either the Captain, the Tactical Officer, the Engineer or the Helmsman. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are top notch and the authenticity will impress the most ardent of Trekkies.

Each of the Bridge Officers has access to different functions. You can manage power levels and repairs as the Engineer, fire phasers and torpedoes as the Tactical Officer, or navigate an asteroid field as the Helmsman.

Star Trek Bridge Crew can be played either single or multiplayer online (cross platform play with PC is also available).  When playing single player, you play as the Captain of the ship. As Captain, you can issue commands to your bridge officers by a different command wheel for each officer. You also have access to a slew of data ranging from ship status, mission objectives, and maps. The bridge officers each have a piece of the data available to the Captain, but not all of it. If you want to drill down a little bit more than the basic commands, you can also take over any of the three consoles. This is helpful when you want to scan a ship. Rather than scan the weapons, engines, shields or for life signs you can take over the tactical officer spot and scan just the weapons systems on an enemy ship for example.

The Move controls of the PSVR are intuitive and smooth.

I played Star Trek Bridge Crew exclusively using the VR headset and the move controls. While playing as the Captain, the VR headset allows you to quickly move between bridge officers in a tense situation. This is advantageous when playing in single player since there is a lot of coordinating between bridge officers to do. The Move controls allow you to point at the command you want to issue as the Captain or to control the bridge consoles with ease. It is important to keep in mind that will you need up to a couple feet on either your left or your right to reach all the controls. The point and click controls are very efficient and natural. I can’t imagine playing it another way.

Star Trek Bridge Crew is a visual delight!

I was pleasantly surprised at how good Star Trek Bridge crew looks. The displays of the bridge stations are vibrant and clear. This is especially noticeable when looking at the map. There can be several objects on the map at once and since they are all different colors, they are easy to pick out. When selecting another ship from the map, you have access to all pertinent data regarding the status of that ship. For example, if you are running a rescue mission, you can see the status of the endangered ship’s hull so you know how long you have to transport the crew to safety. In situations like this, there may be enemy ships around as well. Thanks the bright colors on the map, you can easily differentiate between friend and foe. Enemies are a bright crimson color on the map. The bright colors and clear displays help make the gameplay by being well organized. 

The character models are well drawn as well. The mouth movements when someone is talking to you are spot on and the mannerisms of characters are believable. Ships on your viewscreen also look great and perform as you would expect if you were watching a Star Trek tv show. Visually, Star Trek Bridge Crew is very convincing representation of the beloved universe created by Gene Roddenberry. 

For those that are fans of the Star Trek franchise, the dedication to accurately representing the universe is appreciated. It’s clear that the developers wanted to make this game as accurate to the movies and tv shows as they could be.

As a diehard Trekkie, I was impressed and appreciated with the dedication to being accurate to the movies and tv shows. The main bridge looks close enough to the bridge of the U.S.S. Kelvin or U.S.S. Enterprise from the rebooted series that it’s believable but with enough slight changes to make it unique. The accuracy is even applied to the trophies with names such as “I’m givin’ her all she’s got”, “Steady as she goes, Sulu” and “I dare you to do better…”. The sound effects are perfect reproductions of the ones from the TV shows and the movies. This is really noticeable if you decide to use the original series bridge during the ongoing missions game mode. The bridge consoles don’t have any labels, just as they did when the voyage to the stars first took flight in 1996. Star Trek Bridge Crew does not feel out of place with the shows or movies. Rather, it feels like the next piece of this storied franchise. 

When I was playing Star Trek Bridge Crew, I noticed the wide variety of emotions this game brought out in me. I caught myself smiling ear to ear several times, which is uncharacteristic for me, but this game made me happy to play it. There were also times when I realized I had moved forward in my seat. One instance of this that sticks out to me is when I was playing the mission “Survival of the Fittest”. That mission was tense! The fantastic gameplay, stunningly crisp visuals, and the degree of authenticity really impressed me. When you take into account how the game drew me in emotionally, I can honestly say this game was a truly enjoyable experience. If you have  a VR system, regardless of how much you like Star Trek, I recommend you play this game. I give it a 5/5 and can’t wait to play the Next Generation expansion!

Live Long, and Prosper

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