Gearbox’s first large event for Borderlands 2 kicked off today with Bloody Harvest, a Halloween Themed in game event named after T.K. Baja’s Bloody Harvest. Which was a Halloween themed DLC for Borderlands 2 released in October 2013.

Prepare to fight an undead version of Captain Traunt, Captain Haunt.

The quest line kicks off on Sanctuary 3 by talking to Maurice, a saurian that is located near the Mayhem console on the top deck of the ship. After speaking with Maurice, you will be tasked with hunting down and killing 25 ghosts, which can be found any where in the game. Simply find enemies with the colored aura like that pictured below, kill them, then eliminate the ghost that pops out of their body.

Bloody harvest is available now for all owners of Borderlands three, the event runs until December 5th, so start knocking out those 15 challenges now!

The Green aura around this enemy denotes a ghost hiding inside, who ya gonna call?

Once the fetch quest is completed you can decend into Heck, the home of Captain Haunt. I will leave you with some screen shots of game play and a couple event specific legendary items I have picked up so far. If you pick up any others please comment with pictures and show us your Loot!

Is there a General Haunt?
Ready to take a trip to Heck?
This nova shield is great for melee builds
Corrosive homing ghosts pop out of this little guy
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