The term epic gets thrown around a lot these days, but Netflix’s Blood of Zeus takes the word back to its Greek origin. Netflix has been one of the few streaming services to try original anime. Whether it’s an adaptation like Kegan Ahura or something new like Sound & Fury, Netflix isn’t afraid to try. So while everyone waits for Disney’s live-action remake of Hercules, which better have Dany Devito as Phil, lovers of Greek mythology can check out Blood of Zeus.

The story of Blood of Zeus is fictional, and by that I mean it’s not based on any other myths. It does have themes and tropes that have been told in other mythology mediums. The story is about a race of demons that are seeking power and revenge against the nobles. These demons gained their power by feasting on the flesh of giants that lost the war with the gods. Along with this is the story of Heron, a bastard of Zeus, who resents his father and seeks his own vendetta against the demons that killed his mother. While those two plot lines make up the primary story there is also the drama that comes from the gods. To anyone that watches the Hercules series, with Kevin Sorbo, they will remember how vindictive Hera can be towards the mortal offspring of Zeus. 


As I said at the start, this story is an epic. It feels like a modern version of Homer’s poems are being told. The world that is crafted has its roots in the myths that everyone knows. But this story is so unique that you can’t turn away from it. The animation also helps the storytelling with amazing sequences that don’t need exposition to explain what is going on. There are also subtle easter eggs that fans of Greek stories will notice.

If anyone watches this series they will immediately notice that the animation is reminiscent of another Netflix anime series, Castlevania. This is because Powerhouse Animation Studios are behind both projects. So you can expect this series to be geared towards adults. When scenes of violence begin they are gory and fierce. What also adds to the story and animation is the music composition by Paul Edward-Francis. The music is what truly makes it feel like an epic.

For fans of anime, this show is wholly unique. From the story to the characters, I can’t say that there are many animes that are similar to this series. But I will say that it is a must-see. I give Blood of Zeus a 4.5 out of 5. Audiences will have to wait for Powerhouse Animation Studios to return to Netflix in 2021 with their adaptation of He-Man. 

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