Questionable Decisions

Activision Blizzard has been in the news lately and unfortunately the headlines they’ve made haven’t been good ones. Banning one of the most popular players of one of your most popular games is never a good look. Banning that player because he decided to use his celebrity to advocate for something important to him is even worse. However; now Blizzard has gone a step further by banning people in their Hearthstone Twitch chat from commenting.

Twist of Fate

Earlier this year Blizzard told the world about a new initiative to have Hearthstone be part of its eSports gaming portfolio. They wanted to put the best gamers in the world head to head for a shot at international acclaim. This would give fans something to enjoy and a reason to compete. The decision was automatically met with praise and excitement. The excitement around the program has hit a roadblock due to some questionable decision making.

Time For Corrections

Blizzard has faced severe backlash due to its banning of Blitzchung from playing Hearthstone. Now they’re facing even more because fans from around the world are making their voices heard on Blizzard’s social media and streaming platforms and the company is banning fans who do so from commenting. Regardless of your stance on the protests, taking away your fanbases ability to tell you  and how they feel is extremely disrespectful. Without that fanbase, you wouldn’t have a company. Fans deserve to have their voices heard, whether you agree or disagree with what they have to say so long as they aren’t being toxic and disrespectful. It’s my sincere hope that Blizzard learns from its mistakes and reverses some of its recent policies and decisions.

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