I was offered this game to review, and I was like what the heck, it’s been a while since I wrote a review and this game looks quirky and fun, be able to play with my three small children and have some fun! Well, that was true, until my boys realized that they could sabotage each other in Co-Op mode! Overall, I loved this game, and will probably continue to play it for years to come!

You start out as a little bi-pedal robot and it takes you through a little tutorial that teaches you how to walk with the analog sticks. Yep! That’s right you have to walk your robot! It’s a real finger workout! “Left, right, Left, right, left… left… left” – Oh sorry, the Army was coming out of me!

The training for this game tells you how to manipulate the surroundings and what you will be doing with all encompassing legs, like pulling handles and picking up carrots, skating on smooth services, making sure you walk on rubber, and climbing steps. The training then takes you into an area that says your training is complete! But I felt a little lost in this, I didn’t understand what it was trying to get me to do. So, I sat there and looked around the room, quite perplexed. Finally, I realized in order to move on I had to pull the handle and make it into the world! And it was good!

This game is meant to be a fun and quirky little game, and it is great to play by yourself, but if you have small boys like I have, 9 and 7, whom are fiercely competitive with one another and often overlook the cooperation part of cooperative games, it can become tedious to make sure that they are working together to complete tasks of the game. I love that they allowed for players to be as ferocious to one another as they deem appropriate. Because watching those two throw each other off of the edges or smacking each other in the face with there legs is hilarious! The little robots make silly little noises and my children loved it.

What I loved even more about this game is that my 4-year-old daughter was able to play this game and have fun too.

This game teaches cooperation. IF you can get past the juvenile portion of “who’s better”, as it took a while for my boys to do, it teaches them how to cooperate! For example: Balancing on a teeter-totter in order to make it to the other side one person on one side, the other the opposite; one false move and they have to restart the task! Once they started to figure out that what needs to be done is to work together they were loving it, and I was not as frustrated!

I rarely complete games from start to finish, and I haven’t finished this game yet, but this game is a stress reliever with the calming music in the background and the enormous task of focusing on not falling down a cliff! This game is not easy to put down, it is addictingly fun! Really the only thing that was able for me to pull me away from it was my wife brought down my favorite chicken wings from George’s Gyros! But otherwise, this game is going to be finished, I imagine the next time I play it. I am four levels in on single player, and we are five levels in on Co-Op. There are appears to be seven levels!

It is a great game and I absolutely love playing it! I believe that if you haven’t played it you’ll enjoy it, hit it up! It’s a fantastic time killer, great music, neat graphics, and insurmountably fun!

*BEWARE* This game is a time suck and it will be 8am when you start and then it will be 8pm the next day when you are done!

All-in-all this game is amazing! My boys and I loved the game and we look forward to playing it more! 

You can get Biped at the Playstation store!


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