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Following behind the sheer firepower of Microsoft isn’t easy but Bethesda did an admirable job. Bethesda went out of their way to own up to the mistakes and failures of the past year while also giving a beacon of hope for the future.

We’re Sorry

Laying a goose egg is never a good thing, and Bethesda did that in spectacular fashion last year with the absolutely abysmal launch of Fallout 76. Misinformation was rampant, there was a distinct lack of content and in a lot of ways, the game was outright broken. Todd Howard took to the stage, admitted their failures and mistakes and laid out a plan to fix what they had broken. Showcasing free content updates to Fallout 76, promising a continued plan of bug fixes and community interaction, and even unveiling a battle royale mode. Whether the content on offer will be enough to buy back the goodwill Bethesda lost is entirely up in the air, but it’s a good start.


The Elder Scrolls Online was yet again front and center at the conference, showcasing a new cinematic trailer and talking about the future of the game in its current state with the Elsweyr expansion and also talking about the future expansions and content to come.


While not the Elder Scrolls we were all certainly hoping for. The Elder Scrolls Blades is a fantastic experience that is now coming to Nintendo Switch, and will surprisingly still be free. Bethesda also announced a new game in the Commander Keen franchise coming to iOS and Android.

New games/future releases

Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil is hard at work on a new game called Ghostwire Tokyo, while no gameplay was shown, he promised us an action adventure game that’s a bit different from his usual horror fare, and the trailer looked absolutely fantastic. Wolfenstein Youngblood is going to be one of two releases in the Wolfenstein franchise this year. Youngblood takes place decades after 2017’s The New Colossus and stars BJ’s daughters on a quest to find him after he’s gone missing. The second game will be a Wolfenstein VR title that looks absolutely stunning. Arkane Studios, the creators of Dishonored and developers of Prey also announced a new title called Deathloop with a stylish new trailer promising first person shooting and sword fighting. Bethesda also unveiled a new kind of streaming tech called Orion, that’s designed to make game streaming easier and more cost effective on the consumer and the publisher. Finally, we got to take a look at what everyone wanted to see, Doom Eternal in all of its demon killing glory.

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