Bethesda. Bethesda never changes. In the distant future of October 23, 2077, a global nuclear Armageddon creates the harsh and savage world of Fallout. The catalyst for these events is the strained issues between China and the U.S while corporations tried to make the most money they could, not caring about the people the serviced. On October 23, 2019, Bethesda, amidst tensions between it’s Fallout 76 player base and the developer, decided to monetize the troubled game,

 This service called Fallout 1st, offers it’s members a different experience to the live service game. The main draw is “Private Worlds,” which offer members an exclusive server for the subscriber and up to 7 friends to explore the wilds of West Virginia without other players interfering. Now only the owner has to be a member, but if the owner leaves and there are no other members the world will close.

 Also included in the service, is a monthly allowance of 1650 atom for use in the Atomic Shop. Subscribers also receive exclusive sales in the shop. Another perk is the inclusion of 2 in-game “quality of life” mechanics. The first being a piece of equipment called the Scrapbox. This allows players to store an unlimited amount of scrap. There’s also a Survival Tent which can act as a “forward operating base” and allow players to use it as a fast travel point. There are also exclusive emotes and icons that players can use in and out of the Private world. Oh, there is one more thing that the membership offers, a set of Ranger Armor like the kind used by the NCR in Fallout New Vegas

 This membership is now live for any player that wants to pay for it. The cost is either $13 a month or $100 for an annual subscription. This is on top of paying for the base game which currently costs $24 on Bethesda’s site. Meaning if you don’t already have the game it will cost $37 to try for the game and the subscription service for one month. Whereas on Steam Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition cost $24 and has free mod support. 

Many members of the community have already shown their displeasure for the news. With the announcement on the Fallout 76 subreddit being labeled as NSFW. Many players have called out how tired they are with the drama that has surrounded Fallout 76. From the buggy launch to the in-game economy being broken, to the nylon bag disaster, to the patch that reset all the fixes, to the implementing of game-altering mechanics that could be bought in the store, and the announcement that NPC’s are still another year in development, Fallout 76 has had it’s issues.  

There is also the timing that this announcement comes as Obsidian Studios, the developers of Fallout New Vegas, are releasing their original game The Outer Worlds set to release on October 25, 2019. With the news still fresh, we are waiting for further feedback from the community and how Bethesda is reacting to it. 

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