Battlefield V has been out for a year now and has had some rough patches. Over this year it has introduced chapters that were designed to introduce new maps, different game modes, and to showcase the global coverage that was World War II. All the previous updates have revolved around the European theater as well as the introduction of their Battle Royale mode, Firestorm. But on October 31, Chapter 5 will launch and now the battlefield will expand to the Pacific Theater.


Chapter 5 will see the debut of two of the biggest parties to the Second World War, Japan, and the United States. Along with the 2 factions are 2 new elite skins that will come later in the chapter. For the Allies, we get Jack Culver who is armed with a machine gun and an escape ax. Meanwhile, the Axis gains Keisuke Nakamura that armed with his deadly Hachiwari.


Now that the Americans and the Japanese have arrived, so have their arsenals. The icon of the American infantry the M1 Garand, with the empty “ping” sound included, can now be chosen. Along with M1 players can choose weapons such as M3 Grease Gun, the M1918 A2, and the powerhouse machine gun that is M1919. The Axis will also have their share of weaponry such as the Type 99 Arisaka bolt action rifle, Type 100 SMG, and the Type 97 LMG. There’s also a new explosive gadget, the Lunge Mine.

But that’s not all. On the Pacific maps players can pick up 2 weapons. The first is a melee weapon that is iconic to the Japanese, the Katana. Players can now wield the image of the Samurai. The other is one of the most horrific weapons to be used, the Flamethrower. Clear out bunkers and trenches in ways that will bring players back to Battlefield 1.

The two pick up weapons available in the maps.

It’s not just firearms that are brought out in Chapter 5, but vehicles as well. Another American icon to roar across the battlefield is the M4 Sherman Medium Tank. Allies can also drive the amphibious LVT, the light MB Jeep, or operate the Dinghy to travel faster. The Axis also gets the Type 97 Medium tank, the Ka-Mi amphibious tank, and the Type 95 car. But if players feel more comfortable in the sky then they can now pilot the F4U Corsair or the Zero Fighter.

The F4U Corsair can act as a Fighter or Bomber.


At launch, there will be 2 maps for players to explore. One is Pacific Storm, a map that Dice says “Fans of Battlefield 4 will see shades of the classic map Paracel Storm.” Meaning that the battlefield will change depending on the weather. The other map is an iconic battle of the Pacific, Iwo Jima. Players can storm the black volcanic or defend Mount Suribachi. The map is set to be hyper-diverse with open ranges of the beaches, close-quarter tunnels, and a full spectrum of tanks and aircraft.

Dice has also announced a map set to release in December, most likely December 11, is Wake Island. The site of the first Japanese invasion on American forces. Now there is no set layout of the map, but it is described as being horseshoe-like which is similar to how the actual island is. This means the map will be about setting ambushes and choke points.

Iwo Jima as presented in the game engine.

While this chapter is boosting a lot of content, it is missing war stories. Which has been an area of contention for the game since its launch. Many are also hoping that this the launching point for future chapters of American involvement. Hopefully we will get campaigns such as North Africa, Italy, and eventually the Eastern Front. While I do hope for this, I would also love to China represented and Russia. But how do you all feel about this chapter and addition to the Battlefield franchise?

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