Well, we are finally here.  One year after the Snap, the Decimation as it is referred to in the film, MCU fans finally get to see the conclusion of the Infinity Saga.  This film is the culmination of 11 years of Marvel films if no more were made; I think fans would be fairly satisfied with the ending shown here.

Without really diving into too much of the film or revealing any spoilers, the theme of the film is centered around acceptance.  Can our heroes accept that they lost the grandest conflict of their lives?  For some, the answer is yes and for others they are trying to figure out how to move on and cope with what they view as a failure.  The main challenge for many of the heroes is to overcome this mental and physical obstacle and move forward and potentially do something meaningful once again.

The main plot of the film is to undo everything Thanos has done in the universe.  One aspect I appreciated was actual science was considered on the devastation this occurrence would cause.  Species of animals would be drastically impacted, and the predators would have a diminished food supply which could eventually lead to further extinction of species.  The film spends very little time on this topic.  In fact, it is only acknowledged briefly in the film the issues happening on Earth, are occurring on every planet which sort of gives an impending doom if something is not done to correct it.

How do our heroes prevail and devise a plan to bring everyone back to the universe that was wiped out?  Well, they…

Seriously, I’m not going to spoil that for you.  But what I will say is that concepts from some of the more recent films play a major role in solving the riddle of saving everyone and avenging the universe from the devastating force that is Thanos.  Much like many of the comics around the Avengers, Tony Stark does something unique to try and bring an end to the current state of the world, but without impacting those who did survive negatively.

My Impression

I could go to bed happy if this film were the end of the MCU and no other series or shows were going to be made.  It has been a fun ride to go on over the years and this film did not leave me wanting more, other than maybe a longer film.  I loved every minute of it and the time flew by surprisingly.  I did not feel it dragging at any point and there were certainly some scenes that could have been elaborated on a little more but editing needed to happen because I think a 4-hour cut of the film would have been a little long for some fans.  By the end of the film, I was happy with how the Infinity Saga ended and the potential possibilities that are set up for future films and series.  The only problem I have with the film is that we, as fans, have no idea where the stories are going to venture to next and will the next major villain be even close to Thanos as far as a real threat.


It could be argued that Thanos was the protagonist of Infinity War.  He had his goals, and obstacles to overcome for himself to achieve his own victory.  In many ways, you can see where his perspective is coming from and that ultimately, he thinks he is doing a “good” thing throughout the film.  He has changed quite a bit from Infinity War to Endgame.  In Infinity War, it seems he is holding back a little against the heroes when he battles the and has a bit of mercy about him during several points of the film.  In Endgame, we see a completely different Thanos altogether.

The Thanos character in Endgame is vicious and relentless in trying to stop the Avengers.  He has far less screen time than in Infinity War, but it is made up for in his intensity and overall menacing presence.  He truly lives up to the mantle of “The Mad Titan” in this film.  We finally get to see just how powerful of a being Thanos is without the Infinity Gauntlet in battle and that sort of reinforces my points on his restraint in the prior film.  With just his sword and armor even the most powerful Avengers are no match for him one on one, or even teamed up against him. 

The Final Battle

The final battle is probably the greatest in the entire MCU to date.  The main part of the battle that had me stunned was with Thor, Iron Man and Cap team up to fight Thanos.  It is a perfectly shot scene that truly shows not only their power as a team, but how much it takes to even back Thanos into a corner before he really starts to cut lose and gain the upper hand.  Without revealing anything else about the battle itself and who partakes in it, I must say I am still a bit stunned visually at what I was watching.  This scene alone could have dragged on for another ten to fifteen minutes and I would have not cared one bit.


This was a phenomenal film from start to finish.  There was still some of the great banter and comedic moments like there have been in the other films, but this one was perfect.  I personally enjoyed every MCU film to date, and the ensemble films each stand out as the best of the series.  This film did not leave anything on the table by the end and was a perfect conclusion.  But what happens next?  Do we get a Secret Invasion, Annihilation, Dark Avengers storyline?  Only time will tell in the MCU and perhaps Spider-Man: Far From Home will begin to spin some of those answers for us.

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