Gaming through the eyes of a child is sometimes not an easy task. Games built for adults are just that, adult games, but video games ultimately are for the kid in everyone. Unfortunately, this gamer has issues with – oh you know – things like balance, hand-eye coordination, and most importantly gravity. Which brings me to this game that I had the pleasure of reviewing, Antigraviator.

Antigraviator is a third, first, aerial, motion-y blurring game with third axis tilt and camera rotation. To wit, read my first paragraph. The colors of this game were bright and fun, but the motion blur was so hard to follow that the game was hard to follow. I guess, in real life, if you are going 500 miles per hour it would be pretty difficult to see and or control your vehicle, minor corrections create major catastrophes and so in that regard it is a very true concept.

So personally, I didn’t get to play this game very much and I let my two sons play. It wasn’t played very much, even for them – they are addicted to the plastic crack we know as video games. They moved on pretty quick and when I asked them why they didn’t want to play anymore they said, “It just was not fun Dad.”  I asked them why, and it was the same answer you would expect from a 7 and 9-year-old, “boring and too hard.” Which made it worse was that I had it on the easiest level.

The music in this game was stuck in the failed Jeff Bridges movie, “Tron.” Which I like, but my boys hated it. Too much techno is not good for them, I suppose. That happened to be my favorite part of the game. Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned issues with gravity, I cannot for the life of me play the game because it made me sick to my stomach. It made me sicker faster than any modern game that I have played. Usually, I can make it through at least one session of COD or Halo before getting sick, but this game made me sick within the first two minutes of the game.

The controls were too hard, even on easy mode. Very touchy response or not fast enough to make the correction in driving the space ship racer.

Overall, the game is pretty, but that is about the best I can talk about it. My sons and I played long enough to get 150/1000 and three trophies. We played for about two hours altogether, and that was very difficult for me because of getting sick to my stomach. I would recommend giving it a try if it is a $5 game at some point – or free – but I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it because the controls made it very difficult to play.

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