Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time. Time for what? Why it’s time for Animaniacs. After being off the air for 22 years, the Warner Brothers and their Sister Dot are back on Hulu. With many of the voice actors reprising their beloved roles, the audience has been eagerly awaiting the show’s return. But now the real question is, does the show hold up to the original run?

Currently, the first season is 13 episodes long, with a second season already in the works. While the original run was more of an animated variety show that featured a multitude of characters, the reboot is split between the Warner siblings and Pinky and the Brain. Though that does become a joke. But this limited cast doesn’t take away from the content.

I will often say that the original Animaniacs run was one of the most brilliant shows written. While it’s primary demographic was aimed at a younger audience, there was plenty of pop culture and adult jokes sprinkled throughout each episode that it appealed to adults as well. With Animaniacsc paving the road, many kid’s shows have followed suit. Now 22 years later, the writers have indeed picked up the torch. With segments that act as allegories on complex issues, a retelling of classic stories, and of course the occasional educational songs. But let it be known that this series is very much aware that many of its audience is adults that watched the original run. 

While the series is brilliantly written, it is also expertly animated. The decades of technological advancement has rendered a smooth and high definition cartoon. Yakko, Wakko and Dot have never looked better. There are also bits where the animation style changes to help sell the gags. There is even a segment that is told entirely through the perspective of a security camera with no dialogue. 

As the series progresses, there is no overall story that connects each episode. While there are callbacks to previous jokes there is no central arc. The season does feature a few episodes that are themed around different genres. However, there are multiple segments that are very political and hit way too close to home after this election cycle. This is amazing considering they wrote it all back in 2018.

Overall I would say that Hulu nailed this reboot. With the amazing writing, outstanding voice talents, and stunning animation, I would rate this series equal to the amount of zaniness it has. I give it 5 out of 5. I’m more than excited for the next season. I hope that Animainiacs brings Hulu more than enough success that the rest of Steven Speilberg’s animated library gets a reboot.

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