Listen up ya slack jawed yokels. In the spirit of maintaining a positive outlook in these trying times, we try to make sure that everyone can come to any page of the Guild and feel welcome. We try to push all the bad juju of the world aside and rely on the good spirited nature of our fellow Guild members. That being said, we had a member turn tail and go rogue. In the end, he had to split 😉

Keeping that in mind, we had to switch to a new page for the XBox ANG Group. So, if you were a part of the old group, you now know why that page is gone and a new one had to be created.

In all seriousness, keep your gamer tags close, and your favorite Guild page closer. Let’s remember the reason why the Alpha Nerds Guild was created in the first place. To help bring together Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders with PTSD/TBI together to create a network of support.

Now, get your ass to gaming!

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