A few months ago, I was introduced to the world of 1/35 scale figures. Some people were showing off Acid Rain World toys and their vehicles. I was immediately drawn into the scale. I purchased a few here and there and have been very impressed by the playability.

 Fast forward to October of 2018 and Marauder Ruben shares pictures of a very interesting set of what looked to be futuristic astronauts. He explained that they were from Tecco Toys and that the scale was 1/35. The amount of detail that these figures had on theme was beyond amazing. I had yet to see anything so detailed with so many moving parts when it comes to an action figure. I had to know more about Tecco Toys and these amazing action figures.

 I ended up finding the Tecco Toys Facebook page was filled with more pictures of the toys previously described. They are beautiful! Just my words can’t describe how amazing these figures are. Take a look so that you can understand what I’m talking about.

See what I mean? And they’re the size of a battery! A BATTERY! How awesome do these bad boys look?! Being the fanatic I am, I contacted Tecco Toys and was greeted by Michael Herm. I was unaware of his previous 1/35 scale work with Industria Mechanika (http://industriamechanika.com/) but was quickly a fan after taking a look at some of his kits and work on his Art Station page (https://www.artstation.com/hackworth). Looking  at his work has confirmed what an amazing talent he is.

While talking with him, he was able to expand more on his upcoming Kickstarter (tentatively scheduled for late 2019). His inspiration came from previous work done and childhood memories of the hit manga Appleseed, as well as the cartoon, and toy series, M.A.S.K. Taking a look at the mechs he’s designed, he has surpassed the toys of the 80’s and has shot straight past the 22nd century.

With that being said, we come to the name of the line. ‘Age of Mecha’. How EPIC does that sound? I am already psyched to sit down and read the backstory of each mech, pilot, character in the series. It just goes to show that, in an age where everyone has access to G.I.JOE, Gundam, and Transformers, this line stands out. The fact that none of the parts on the mech look like they are “for show”, but that they all serve a purpose is a rarity in the toy business as well as a huge plus. The articulation of pieces so small also adds to the enjoyment of the line.

The whole point of this article was to highlight the fact that a talented artist is having fun and creating something that the entire world can enjoy. Fans both young and old can appreciate the details that Michael Herm has put into his creations and, whether you are looking at picking up the line because you are a mech collector and want to display them, or because you want to just have something amazing to play with, this line looks like it will be able to hold everyone’s attention for the foreseeable future.


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