What We Do

Game with a Purpose

We game with a purpose!  Our gaming is intended to bring like-minded people together. It started with Veterans, LEOs, and First Responders, but it has evolved into so much more.

Fighting Social Issues

Sometimes our military members, veterans, and law enforcement officers have a hard time adjusting to civilian life.  We help them keep in contact with the outside world, even if it is over the internet and in a video game! One step at a time, we will bring them to the light.

Having Fun

A lot of times our Veterans forget how to have fun and civilians do not understand their humor . Bringing Veterans, LEO’s, and First Responders back together online reminds them it is okay to have fun!

Alpha Nerds

What is an Alpha Nerd? What is a Guild? What is an Alpha Nerd Guild?  We are the Alpha Nerds Guild.  We are all Alpha personalities (type A) – we are all gung-ho, hard charging, been around the world twice – no sky too high or ocean too rough.  We’ve fought the enemy and beat him into submission.  We are fighters and we are lovers.  We are friends, we are brothers-in-arms / sisters-in-arms, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, uncles and aunts.  We are FAMILY!

We are Nerds that can conquer the world by dinner, and be ready to do it again the next day!

We play games to combat PTSD, anxiety disorders, and bring our brethren back together.

Alpha Nerds Guild will supply Veterans that cannot afford a video game console or pc with one to bring them together.  Veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders must prove their status through our evaluation process.

Started by American Grit and YouTube phenomenon for his hard stance on fitness: John Burk, who is still very much invested in ANG!

Gaming for Life

We are everywhere! Every console, every platform.  We are everywhere!

Whatever social media that  you are on, you can find us: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and of course many other gaming platforms like Discord, Xbox Live, PSN, WoW, and Twitch.

We are a non-profit (EIN# 82-3910181).


To provide a means to deliver a gaming console to a veteran/first responder that has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder related to their sacrifice for the American public.

What do we do?

Through donated funds, we purchase, and have delivered, a gaming system which will enable you to be a part of the Alpha Nerds online community and feel a part of a brother/sisterhood of like-minded individuals to use as a support network. You’ll also be given a “Nerd buddy” that will be there for your support and accountability should you feel you need it. We also offer free psychological care through the volunteers who are within the group that are trained and certified mental health care professionals.

Our Board

John Burk

John Burk

President and Founder

John Burk is the founder of the “Alpha Nerds Guild.” He’s a vanilla WOW player and enjoys getting skull dragged by 11 year old Chinese kids in PUBG. His tendencies to get head shotted in game are comparable to none. He truly is the one you’re going to have to carry in every game, but he’s going to make you laugh while doing it. READ MORE.
Kenny Holmes

Kenny Holmes

Chief Executive Officer

Christian. 12 Year U.S. Army Combat Veteran. Social Worker. Web Designer. Photographer. Marketing Specialist. Husband. Father. Brother. Uncle. Black belt instructor in Hapkido. FreedomSystem.org President. Alpha Nerds Guild Webmaster.

George Kneibert

George Kneibert

Board Member

George has done it all here at the ANG. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Press Start online magazine and podcast. He has been instrumental in helping ANG behind the scenes and is now a board member. 

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Who qualifies?
Veterans and first responders (law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS personnel)
What is needed to qualify?

Veterans: DD-214 with an honorable discharge (dishonorable are case by case basis) certified paperwork from a mental health care professional showing your diagnosis and it having come from job related experiences.

First responders: (Law enforcement officers, Fire fighters, EMS personnel)  Academy graduation certificate. Paperwork showcasing the diagnosis of the individual having a psychological issue from an event as a result of their public service and sacrifice.

 You will also need to be apart of the Alpha Nerds Guild and active for at least two months.

How Do I Apply?
Fill out the questionnaire on the Application Page and ensure to include the appropriate documents. Once your packet has been received, the board will review each packet to ensure its legitimacy. If approved, a coordination will be made on what gaming system you’re requesting (wish list based) and how we will have it delivered to you. After that, we encourage the receiver to get involved with the guild and coordinate which gaming group you wish to be a part of.

Alpha Nerds Guild was founded in 2017 after a night of gaming. Several Veterans were playing together and the next thing you know we we creating a way for Veterans to reach out through and talk to one another!

Alpha Nerds Guild helps out Veterans, LEO's, and First Responders through gaming and communication; from the pages of Facebook and Discord to the screens of World or Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. We are a family, just reach out!