What’s old is new

This week saw the release of the newest Dungeons and Dragons campaign book, heralding a long awaited return to the iconic Baldur’s Gate with WotC sending us to Hell…and a visit to Avernus.

The new campaign begins with players visiting the iconic Baldur’s Gate, to their surprise Baldur’s Gate is in incredible turmoil, being flooded with refugees from a neighboring town that seemingly vanished with many conflicting stories.

Meanwhile, your investigations lead you to the plain of Avernus, the First level of Hell. Uncovering a plot by Zariel, the Archdevil, who is transporting cities directly to the Nine Hells. Leading your party to the front lines of the Blood war, were you will command your very own Infernal War Machine, a demonic war vehicle that looks like it made a pit stop in Mad Max’s world before arriving to you.

A familiar face

With the eager approach of Baldur’s Gate III rapidly approaching, those familiar with the game series will notice some easter eggs disperssed throughout the campaign, and yes Minsc and Boo, pop up as well. Which has become a more common occurence since the launch of 5E and attempted push for the MMO Neverwinter.


A new season begins

For those that play Adventure League, WotC organized play for D&D, has also gotten a large revamp, to the chagrin of many DM’s and players a like. Gone are the days of XP, which in many ways can be a good thing, not all parties are particularly good at combat, some end up getting fully focused on roleplaying and some minor plotpoint that the DM must flesh out in their head fully on the spot. Leveling up is now time gated, whether your party spent two hours roleplaying exploring a libraray for some rare tome of spells, or expediently excising the heads of stone giants. One level in either case. And you may only gain one level per session.

Gold is no longer is found or “dropped” from monsters, but players are given an hourly stippened with a cap based on your current level. However the first tasks you are given in the adventure promises each player a reward of 200GP, but as a level 1 you can only receive 80GP, resulting in the players immediatley forfeiting at a minimum 60% of your pay.

Magic items have also gotten an overhaul. Your party happens to have a great weapon fighting fighter and a paladin that has focused on two-handed weapons and you find a +2 Great Swrod of Wounding who gets the sword??? Now everyone gets it, even the Mage, and the Warlock gets it also. And free magic items are now availble upon entering a new tier of play.


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