On August 30th, we got to see 15 minutes of gameplay of the year’s most highly anticipated game, Cyberpunk 2077. This was an edited version of what some select journalists got to see behind closed doors. And while there was a lot of information provided, there are two aspects that stood out to me.

Freedom of Class

In many an RPG, the player is restricted to a class, either obviously or subtly. In games like Diablo, you’re selecting the class at the beginning. In games like Skyrim, you select the class by play style and are bound by your choices for abilities.

In Cyberpunk 2077, however, they are going for a fluid system that is not concerned with class. It takes the freedom of choice many games tried to strive for and attempts to perfect it. It enables you to freely choose what abilities you want from whatever tree you want, to build your character the way you want them. Not build your class and force your character into it. You want to be a brawling hacker? Go for it. Want to be a stealthy individual with big guns that go boom? Go for it. Make your character and have fun with this world.

Freedom of character

The other thing that stood out to me the most was the character creation. Cyberpunk hasn’t reinvented the wheel with their character creation. I saw elements from games like Mass Effect and Fallout in the creation. What is unique, however, is that they married the two creation aspects into one. Instead of creating and controlling a blank slate, you create a character with history that the world will respond to. Much like in mass effect. But they also allow you to create and customize the traits of the character. Is he a fan of Johnny silverhand and his charisma but is himself not a people person? Or is he an intelligent individual who seeks to overthrow the corporation?

Ultimate freedom

To continue on that aspect, is the freedom within the character story. Based on history, based on skills, based on choices, the game evolves to respond to your actions and the world and game changes. You’re given two options, that one choice then creates two more unique choices, and so on so on. These branching storylines create a unique story and experience for the player. Never have I seen a game with that much freedom.

Breath of the Wild brought about ultimate freedom in world exploration. Cyberpunk is attempting to bring about the ultimate freedom in story telling. This game will change the gaming industry forever.

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