To My Fellow Nerds,

I want to thank you all for your continued support and effort you all give the Alpha Nerds Guild on a daily basis!  You all are the heart and soul of why I give so much of my time and resources to this group!

Recently, I was approached by a couple of the Admins that I work with on a regular basis and asked me to do a project that I sadly was not able to complete in a very timely manner.  They in turn went to John Burk for approval to post a donation link for me to be able to build a computer in order to get the jobs done; which, obviously was successful.  To which I am very eternally grateful to all of you that have donated and made this new computer a reality!

I am excited to say that this new computer really came together and I am able to not only work on Alpha Nerds Guild stuff more readily and easily, but I am able to contribute to the Guild in a way that I have never been able to do before which is game and communicate with everyone there!

From within the very depths of my heart, I am eternally grateful and very happy to continue to work on the Alpha Nerds Guild, and to be more intimate with everyone that provides so much to the Guild. This is not a task that I take lightly, and I promise to continue to work for you all as a servant.

I would also like to mention and thank Gerred Howell, Michael Webb, and John Burk especially for the blessings that you have all bestowed on me, your friendships are priceless to me. And to all the people that I have been able to entrust with special projects to help the Guild out like George Kneibert (the lead writer and Editor for the blog and lead on the Press Start Podcast), who also sent my children a brand new game that they have been wanting! To all of the hard working administrators and moderators on all of the forums, pages, and websites, I appreciate you all!

If you all would like to add me on steam, please do my account name on Steam and Discord are IceDogg23.

Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Kenneth L. Holmes

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